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First Meeting Checklist

Please bring any of the following items that you already have to our first meeting. If something we’ve listed is not easily accessible to you that is perfectly okay. Note that this is a broad list and some items may not apply to your situation.

Download the Checklist


  • Checking & savings account balances
  • Trust account statements
  • Mutual fund, CD, bond, and stock account statements (non-retirement)
  • Real estate value and mortgage information (interest rate, years remaining)
  • College savings account statements (529 Plans and UTMA/UGMA accounts)


  • Last quarter statement for 401k/profit-sharing plan (What is your contribution amount? Employer match?)
  • Last quarter IRA statements (Roth and/or Traditional)
  • Other retirement plan statements (former employer plans, etc.)
  • Inherited IRA statements (if possible, provide original owner’s date of birth and death)


  • Current Social Security projection (can be downloaded at
  • Most recent pay stub and last year’s W-2
  • Last year’s tax return (if available in PDF format, please email to [email protected])
  • Personally-owned and group life insurance and disability insurance benefits
  • Long Term Care insurance (monthly benefit, waiting period, company)


  • How do you feel thus far about the progress you’ve made with your financial planning?
  • What will “retirement” look like for you? How do you imagine spending your time?
  • How much money does it take each month to maintain your lifestyle (after taxes)?
  • Are there any charitable organizations you want us to consider in your planning?
  • What kind of legacy do you imagine leaving behind?